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Robb Shecter
Co-founder, attorney at law
Pro bono Oregon, admitted 2013
Pro bono Colorado via MVL, admitted 2023

Email: robb@public.law
Phone & text: +1 303-835-1301

Lisa Hackenberger
Co-founder, finance

Email: lisa@public.law


“I really appreciate your resource. I think it's a great way to look at the statutes. Your interface is fantastic.”

A Colorado attorney

“OregonLaws.org has a clean and clear design and a number of neat features…”


“A hearty thank you from myself and on behalf of my colleagues who use the site regularly. Our professors recommended it during law school…”

An Oregon attorney

“Robb Shecter of the Lewis & Clark Law School came out with OregonLaws.Org, a wonderful example of how legal information can be made dramatically better once the fences around the public domain have been removed.”

Carl Malamud, Three Revolutions in American Law

“I just wanted to say thank you for making a website that you can actually navigate. Props to you guys.”

A website visitor

“Thank you. You are a GOD SEND”

Website visitor

“I want to thank you for your work creating oregon.public.law and keeping it going. The site was not only invaluable to me during my time at L&C Law, but continues to be my go-to when I have Oregon issues come up!”

An Oregon attorney

“I will hand it to you. A substantial amount of my clients and coworkers forward statute text from your site.”

An attorney writing in the r/lawyers subreddit

“A pretty amazing and FREE web site for statutory research…When you visit the site…you are immediately struck by the simple, but well-thought out features.”

Legal Research Plus

“Very helpful. I thank you for the work, the time, and immense amount of effort you & the people who helped put into this project. It's incredible.”

A library assistant

“I often use your site for quick and informal review of statutes, because I find its contents more readily accessible that those in the official site.”

A website visitor
  • Sustainability Award
    Oregon State Bar, 2020
  • Making a Difference Award
    Lewis & Clark Law School Alumni Assoc., 2012
  • Best Idea Award
    CivicApps for Greater Portland, 2010

We started OregonLaws.org while I was a student at Lewis & Clark Law School. I was enrolled in two very statutes-oriented classes, Criminal Law and Wills & Trusts. These frequently made use of the Oregon Revised Statutes. I wanted online access that was easy to read, browse, and search. I also didn't want to schlep the printed statutes to class. Well, I couldn’t find it online, so I started building it myself.

Now located in Colorado, we’re Public.Law, bringing the Oregon recipe to the rest of the United States and abroad.