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Ordinances and Regulations for Wood-Burning Appliances

Quote: “This page provides examples of existing ordinances and regulations that organizations such as state, local or tribal governments can use as templates or reference points for creating their own actions.”
Source: EPA
Published: May 16, 2023
Added: September 02, 2023
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  • Oregon
    • ORS 468A.460
    • ORS 468A.465
      Certification requirements for new solid fuel burning devices
    • ORS 468A.467
      Prohibition on burning certain materials in solid fuel burning devices
    • ORS 468A.485
      Definitions for ORS 468A.460 to 468A.515
    • ORS 468A.490
      Residential Solid Fuel Heating Air Quality Improvement Fund
    • ORS 468A.495
      Prohibition on installation of used solid fuel burning devices
    • ORS 468A.500
      Prohibition on sale of noncertified solid fuel burning devices
    • ORS 468A.505
    • ORS 468A.515
      Residential solid fuel heating curtailment program requirements