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Nevada Lemon Law – 5 Things Consumers Need to Know

Quote: “If you bought a new car in Nevada that turns out to be a lemon, the vehicle manufacturer is legally obligated to replace it or refund you your money.”
Source: Las Vegas Defense Group
Published: June 24, 2023
Added: August 30, 2023
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  • Nevada
    • NRS 597.610
      Report of defect in motor vehicle
    • NRS 597.620
      Submission of claim to manufacturer for replacement or refund according to designated procedure.
    • NRS 597.630
      Duties of manufacturer if motor vehicle cannot be conformed to express warranties.
    • NRS 597.650
      Commencement of action by buyer.
    • NRS 597.660
      Waiver of rights by buyer prohibited.
    • NRS 597.670
      Effect on other rights and remedies of buyer.
    • NRS 597.675
      Notification of manufacturer regarding change in residential address.
    • NRS 597.680
      Reimbursement by manufacturer for cost of repairs to conform vehicle to express warranties.
    • NRS 597.682
      Lemon Law Buyback: General duties regarding retitling, notice and disclosures.
    • NRS 597.684
      Lemon Law Buyback: Form of notice.
    • NRS 597.686
      Lemon Law Buyback: Prohibition against certain nondisclosure agreements.
    • NRS 597.688
      Lemon Law Buyback: Civil action.