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Discrimination at Work

Quote: “Oregon laws protect you from being discriminated against at work. That means you can’t be fired or demoted, paid less, or otherwise treated differently because of certain characteristics about you.”
Source: Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries
Published: August 07, 2023
Added: August 30, 2023
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  • Oregon
    • ORS 10.090
      Prohibited acts by employers against jurors
    • ORS 18.385
      Wage exemption
    • ORS 25.424
      Liability of withholder
    • ORS 171.120
      Purpose of ORS 171.120 to 171.125
    • ORS 171.125
      Proceeding to require compliance with ORS 171.120 and 171.122
    • ORS 399.065
      Ordering organized militia into active state service
    • ORS 419A.260
    • ORS 419A.262
      Expunction proceeding
    • ORS 653.551
      Unlawful employment discrimination
    • ORS 654.062
      Notice of violation to employer by worker
    • ORS 659A.006
      Declaration of policy against unlawful discrimination
    • ORS 659A.030
      Discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, marital status, age or expunged juvenile record prohibited
    • ORS 659A.082
      Discrimination against person for service in uniformed service prohibited
    • ORS 659A.104
      Description of disability for purposes of ORS 659A.103 to 659A.145
    • ORS 659A.112
      Employment discrimination
    • ORS 659A.199
      Prohibited conduct by employer
    • ORS 659A.200
      Definitions for ORS 659A.200 to 659A.224
    • ORS 659A.224
      Short title
    • ORS 659A.309
      Discrimination solely because of employment of another family member prohibited
    • ORS 659A.360
      Restricting criminal conviction inquiries
    • ORS Chap. 178
      State Treasurer