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An agreement is reached when you and the other parent come to a common understanding about your parenting arrangements. The laws in your province set out how to make this agreement legally binding so that you both have to follow it.

Source: Glossary - Making plans: A guide to parenting arrangements after separation or divorce, Department of Justice Canada
Jurisdiction: Canada Canada

An agreement or contract between the spouses, usually in writing, setting out their respective rights and obligations during their marriage or upon marriage breakdown. The agreement may be negotiated by the spouses on their own, with their counsel, or through mediation. For the purposes of these Advisory Guidelines, the agreement would include terms affecting spousal support or child support or both, as well as terms concerning custody, access, parenting and division of family property. Usually the agreement will be in the form of a separation agreement. The agreement may or may not be incorporated into a "consent order." (See also consent order.)

Source: Glossary of Terms - Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines July 2008, Department of Justice Canada